Negotiating Terms and Conditions with Clients

taught by Sue Leschen
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Sue  Leschen
Sue Leschen

About the instructor

Sue Leschen is the Director of Avocate - Legal and Commercial French Interpreting and Translation Services. She is based in Manchester, UK. She regularly interprets in legal settings such as the courts and in business meetings. She also translates all manner of legal documents and specialises in legal documents required for property purchase and sale in France. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists' Council as well as being an active member of their Interpreting Division and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committees. Sue also sits on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters Professional Conduct Committee. She writes, lectures and mentors regularly on legal interpreting and linked professional conduct issues. She supports the need for properly qualified, insured and security cleared interpreters.

Most interpreters and translators don’t have their own terms and conditions, but rather tend to rely on those sent to them by their work providers. In many cases this leads to a David and Goliath type of power imbalance. This course will explain how and where to get a set of terms and conditions and use it to your best advantage. This means understanding the delicate art of negotiating! Learn the terms and conditions that can most greatly impact the interpreters' everyday working lives by setting the rules for money, time, and place. You will also have the chance to review non-disclosure agreements and the sorts of unreasonable terms that some clients may try to impose on you as a condition for being given the privilege of working with them. You can’t afford to miss this session!

What you will learn


  • The art of negotiating
  • Do’s and don’ts of negotiating
  • Oral and written negotiations
  • The aim of negotiating

Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Rates
  • Interest if late payment/no payment
  • Cancellation fees
  • Dates and deadlines
  • Confidentiality

  Special Terms and Conditions

  • Proofreader 
  • Royalties 
  • Native Speaker 
  • Sign supplementary NDA
  • Interim billing if long project 
  • Style guide, glossary provided

  Precedent Terms and Conditions

  • Obtain from our professional membership organizations
  • Mix and match best/appropriate ones 
  • Use as basis and adapt for own business 

Who should attend

All Interpreters and translators who are serious about their businesses and who want to protect themselves in the marketplace with their own set of terms and conditions. 

Level: Intermediate    Language: English    Specialization: All

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Quiz
1 Survey
1 Text
2.5 hrs