Pharmacotherapy 101 Part 1 Webinar

Essential concepts in Pharmacotherapy for Healthcare Interpreters | taught by Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza

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Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza
Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza

About the instructor

Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza is originally from Mexico City, where she received her M.D. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Over the course of 23 years she has participated in different areas of Medicine including research, academics, and bilingual medical services as well as editing and translation of medical content. She is a Spanish Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI), freelance interpreter, and mentor for Medical interpreters. She is a member of the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCIHC), the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), and the Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters (CAPI). She has contributed as vice-chair of the IMIA Colorado Chapter, Member of the Education Committee and the Commission for Medical Interpreters Education of the IMIA. She has been a provider of Continuing Education courses and credits approved by the IMIA and the CCHI. She is now in charge of the Medical Interpreters Continuing Education division of the De La Mora Institute of Interpretation and still Develops and Directs BVCMI. She is an advocate for humanism, professionalism, continuing education and excellence in any healthcare practice, as well as of student-centered learning approaches, patient-centered practices, collaborative learning environments, and the Problem Based Learning methodology at any level of training or education.

In this one-hour webinar you will be presented with a set of essential concepts in pharmacology and in the interpretation of the use of medications with the objective of promoting and facilitating a faithful interpretation of information related to the use of medications. The presentation will include scientific research data, relevant terminology with definitions, stories from the field, suggestions on interpreting solutions, self-study strategies and exercises relevant to the topic at hand. This is the first of a series of webinars dedicated to the interpretation of the use of medications.  In further webinars, participants will be presented with the purpose, side effects and directions of use of medications, and more.

Course Contents

1 Video
4 Texts
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Certificate of Completion