Live Online Language Neutral Skill Building 2

Begins April 30th | taught by Beatriz Craney

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Course description


DE LA MORA's Signature Court Interpreter program helps prepare future court interpreters for the State Oral Exam. Learn the core methods and practice that have made us a nationally recognized interpreter training company. This program is divided into 6 sessions lasting an hour and a half each. Ideal for interpreters who are preparing for the sate certification test. 

This LIVE ONLINE course has a total of 9 contact hours and runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm - 9:30pm ET.

Students will be able to interact with their teacher and classmates in an online environment via a user-friendly software. All classes will be recorded and made available to the students within 24 hours as a reviewing resource for catching up or self-study sessions. If you have never taken an online class before, don’t worry! We host a separate orientation to make sure everyone is comfortable with accessing the course and to answer any questions.

The simple but impactful lesson plan is broken down as follows:

Class 1: Intro to Court Interpretation and De La Mora’s ‘Weightlifting Methods’

Class 2: Intro to Court Interpretation and De La Mora’s ‘Weightlifting Methods’

Class 3: Practical Consecutive Interpretation

Class 4: Practical Consecutive Interpretation

Class 5: Sight Translation

Class 6: Simultaneous Interpretation

Class Schedule for Langue Neutral Training: 

Mandatory Orientation: April 29, 2019, 8:00pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays:  April 30th, May 2, 7, 9, 14, 16

Questions? Call us: (407) 677-4155  After hours (321)804-3157 or E-mail:

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Beatriz Craney
Beatriz Craney

Beatriz Craney is an AOC-approved interpreter with over 10 years of experience. Her professional fields of expertise include conferences, legal, medical, education and business. In 2008, Beatriz started her own agency: Craney Interpreting Services. Beatriz also teaches Judicial Consecutive Interpreting at Brookdale Community College. Since 2014 Beatriz has worked for DE LA MORA Interpreter Training by hosting and organizing seminars, boot camps, and skill-building events, and she is now an instructor for the Live Online School.

Interested in this course? Email us at