The latest addition to our Virtual Language Labs is the 'State Exam Success Kit', a comprehensive guide designed for legal interpreters of all levels. 

The Success Kit contains practice materials for sight, consecutive and the simultaneous modes. The kit also includes instructional video content that breaks down how to successfully rate your own performance, be aware of your own bias, and what the raters of the exam are looking for. Improving and maintaining your interpretation skills is like playing an instrument, regardless of your skill level and experience you will always need to practice. The State Exam Success Kit is for legal interpreters looking to hone their skills and for anyone preparing for the state certification exam. 

This bundle also includes enrollment to our self-paced State Certification Written Prep course. 

This course is Written Exam Prep you've been waiting for! We at DE LA MORA Institute developed this course after many requests from interpreters looking for training to help them prepare for the first phase of the certification process. This course will go over every part of the written exam as well as serve as an introduction to the exciting world of court interpretation. Study at your pace with video lectures, practice quizzes and a mock final exam structured to resemble the real thing.

This course is for Spanish speakers ONLY.

The State Exam Success Kit includes:

  • Series of informative videos that walk you through what to expect when taking the exam

  • Self-evaluation practice materials for all modes of interpretation

  • In-depth lesson on how tests are rated

  • Instructions for rating your own performance

  • Guide to improve your performance

Already passed the state written exam?

Check out our Oral Exam Overview

Prepare for the state oral certification exam with an in-depth overview and high quality exercises. Available in English for all languages and in Spanish.

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