Course Description

Looking for something to boost your simultaneous interpretation skills in a short period of time? If you are new to simultaneous interpretation or have plenty of practice but still find it intimidating, this course is for you. Start from the ground up with this 21-day program to build solid skills in decalage, dual tasking, and word-meaning substitution as you establish good habits and become comfortable with the simultaneous mode.

What you will learn

  • Building good decalage

  • Improvement through dual-tasking

  • Simultaneous word-meaning substitution

Who should attend

Interpreters looking to deepen their simultaneous interpretation.

Skill Level: Foundational     Language: English     Specialization: All

Agustin de la Mora

Agustín Servin de la Mora is the president of DE LA MORA Institute of Interpretation. He was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, and has been a professional freelance and staff interpreter for the last 28 years. He is one of the Supervisor Raters for the National Center for State Courts and has been a lead rater for the federal and consortium oral exams for court interpreters. He was the lead interpreter for the Ninth Judicial Circuit for over a decade, served as member of the Project Advisory Committee responsible for the creation of the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs for the NCIHC. He was a member of the Florida Court Interpreter Certification Board and a voting member of the Technical Committee of the National Consortium for Interpreter Certification. He is a state and federally certified court interpreter, as well as a certified medical interpreter. He has been a consultant for the Administrative Offices of the State Courts, conducting orientation seminars and advanced skills workshops for interpreters in at least 15 states. He has been featured as a speaker and presenter in several national conventions, including those of NAJIT, ATA, IMIA, and NASCA.

Course curriculum

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    21-day program

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