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Language professionals have been around for quite a while: from all-round translators and interpreters, we have witnessed a progressive specialization over time as knowledge and technology evolved. In addition to that, such technology now allows companies of all sizes run their businesses on a global scale, creating an unprecedented demand for software solutions. Global communications —including remote interpreting and cloud-based communication platforms—, digital appliances, home entertainment… All these markets are boosting the need to provide specific language services, and this is where we step in. Naturally, a thriving market is good news… with a side note. The relentless evolution of the technology landscape will guarantee a steady demand of language services that we’ll be able to take care of only if we keep up with those changes and develop an intuition to drive our efforts and avoid becoming outdated professionals with no place in this future.  We will look at the main trends in the growing industry of software localization, including key sub-areas such as videogames and remote interpreting solutions. We will assess how new technologies and tools —from NMT and LNP to blockchain— are reshaping the industry and, subsequently, the kind of job profiles requested as new tasks emerge in this changing scenario. This overview will help language professionals' step in the right direction and ensure that their service offer meets future market needs. 

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ConVTI Speaker

Carlos la Orden Tovar

Carlos la Orden Tovar has forged a professional career linked to information technology, languages and education across Europe and America. In the last two decades, Carlos has lived and developed his skills in 10 different countries, proudly working as a technology trainer, localization project manager, school and university teacher and freelance translator. His natural inclination towards sharing knowledge and gathering new experiences has driven his career through unbeaten paths, mixing academic and business life in an ever-changing global scenario. He lives in Bologna and splits his time as a freelance language consultant and localiser, speaker and lecturer at Universidad Internacional de la Rioja. 

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    • Localization Landscapes: How Technology Will Reshape the Language Industry

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