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Mental health interpreting is an important subset of study, since the issues encountered intersect with both medical and legal interpreting theory and the code of ethics. It also involves complex and intimate interpersonal communication with individuals who may act, speak, or think in unusual ways. There are laws that may even require the interpreter to break confidentiality or intervene. How can mental health interpreters face these issues successfully while maintaining impartiality in order to diminish potential emotional/ethical challenges?

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Arianna Aguilar

Arianna graduated in 2000 in Western New York with a communication and graphic arts degree. She honed her interpreting skills through hands-on experience and training in the mental health, education, legal, and child care fields. She currently is a Master Certified Court Interpreter for North Carolina, and is also a Certified Medical Interpreter.  Past experiences include working as a Staff Interpreter for the 11th District of North Carolina, the Federal Public Defender's office and the Johnston County Mental Health Department as an interpreter and consultant. She also has experience in presenting at conferences, including NAJIT and ATA.  Arianna is currently an editor/writer for NAJIT's publication Proteus, and was Editor-in-Chief from 2017 to 2019. She also published a book, Mental Health Interpreting: Unique Challenges, Practical Solutions, which is available on Amazon.

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to Mental Health Interpreting: Unique Challenges, Practical Solutions

    • PowerPoint Slides

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    • Mental Health Interpreting: Unique Challenges, Practical Solutions Webinar

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    Post Webinar Review

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