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Not all utterances are created equal, and interpretations are based not on words alone. The expert interpreter must be able to look past the words to the ideas. S/he must assimilate the logic of the phrase and organize it appropriately in their minds before the pen hits the paper. In this workshop, participants will learn to organize their thoughts the way that conference interpreters do, by analyzing the structure of 2-3 minute speeches. This will allow for better focus and the ability to bypass the panic caused by a speaker going beyond a couple of sentences. Participants will then learn how to apply this organization to their written notes for court interpreting.

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Athena Matilsky

Athena Matilsky has a Master's in Conference Interpreting from Glendon College, York University, and a BA in Spanish Interpretation and Translation. Through internship programs, specialized coursework and hours of self-study, she became a Certified Healthcare Interpreter, passed the NJ Spanish and French court interpreting exams, and achieved certification as a Federal Court Interpreter. She was a full-time staff interpreter for the NJ judiciary in Trenton for three years and was also editor-in-chief of NAJIT’s publication, Proteus. Currently, she is in Montreal working as a conference interpreter and interpreter trainer. When she is not working on her interpreting, you may find her studying French or practicing Acro yoga.

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