Note-Taking 101

taught by Aquillia Alowonle
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Aquillia Alowonle
Aquillia Alowonle

About the instructor

Aquillia Alowonle is a New York State certified court interpreter, and she is a graduate of The University of Minnesota’s program in Translation and Interpreting. Aquillia has experience working as a hospital staff interpreter at The University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital, as a freelance interpreter at various hospitals, as a telephonic interpreter for several agencies, and as a court interpreter in New York State. Aquillia is the owner of ANA Professional Language Services, LLC, and she is a licensed trainer of The Community Interpreter.

Note-Taking is a fundamental skill for consecutive interpreters, yet many interpreters do not take full advantage of the memory enhancing power of notes. Note-taking may seem challenging to some, but this course will teach you that this technique can be highly effective and rewarding. In this two-hour course for consecutive interpreters of all levels, you will learn the basic skills of note-taking. For more seasoned interpreters, brush up on your note-taking skills with these innovative note-taking strategies. This course will provide all interpreters with the tools needed to enhance and perfect your note-taking skills.

What you will learn

 Create and memorize your notes

 Create essential symbols and abbreviations 

 Incorporate note-taking into your interpreting practice

Who should attend

This course reviews basic skills and is perfect for interpreters who are new to note-taking. The innovative note-taking strategies reviewed in this course, can benefit interpreters of all levels as well. 

Level: Foundational    Language: English    Specialization: All

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Quiz
1 Survey
1 Text
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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