Ana Toro-Greiner

Federal Terminology and Practice Webinar

Join Federally and State-Certified Court Interpreter Ana Toro for this webinar focusing exclusively on the practice of interpreting in federal courts.

Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza

Mental Health Disorders and Criminal Behavior

Broaden your understanding of mental disorders and their influence on criminal behavior.

Athena Matilsky

Ethics: The Interpreter's Conundrum

As an interpreter it is important to gain self-awareness when an error has been made in order to correct one's self. Learn how to admit error with grace and professionalism.

Agustin de la Mora

Court Ordered Mental Health Evaluations Webinar

This webinar delves into the intricate definition of court-ordered mental evaluations that often cause the legal and medical fields to overlap.

James Plunkett

Team Interpreting Webinar

Learn effective methods on how to properly produce an interpretation with an interpreter - a teammate!

Sue Leschen

Specializing as a Legal Interpreter Webinar